Department of Expenditure
Ministry of Finance, Government of India
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Compliance of Rule 20 of the CCS(Conduct) Rules, 1964.
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Role of ICoAS Officers in Main Participating Organizations
Ministry of Commerce - DGTR Anti dumping measures, determination of dumping, injury margin and recommendation of duties
Ministry of Defence Member in the Contract Negotiation Committees in defence acquisition. Ascertion reasonableness of price in single vendor purchases. Advise and assist on price variation and escalation/ de-escalation clauses in the defence equipment purchase contracts.
Ministry of Corporate Affairs Administration of Companies Act provisions relating to Cost Accounting Record Rules and Cost Audit. Administration, monitoring and review of audit reports. Examine capital markets frauds, commodity market frauds, siphoning of public funds in matters reffered to SFIO
Department of Revenue - Central Board of Indirect Taxes
and Custom.
Anti-evasion drives, valuation cases, as expert in audit of assesses and advice on cost price issues in assessment.
National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority Pharmaceutical Pricing and monitoring of Drug prices as per Drug Price Control Order, 2013.
Department of Public Enterprises Negotiaion of MoU targets between the administrative Ministries and respective CPSEs and updation of MoU guidelines. Implementation of PRC and formulation of policies pertaining to wage releted issues of CPSEs. Preparation of Annual Public Enterprise Survey Reports.
Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution Finalize claims of various States for paddy, wheat and coarse grains. Examine claims of multiple agencies involved in the procurement and distribution of food grains.